Bay Area Beer Pong About Aang and his girlfriend leave wine behind for a tree

Aang and his girlfriend leave wine behind for a tree

Aang has just finished his beer bread and is ready to take his last sip, so he decides to walk back to the village.

There, a girl walks up to him and offers him a glass of wine, but he declines.

After a brief conversation, he asks her out on a date.

He and the girl then head to the beer garden and, once there, the two get into a passionate argument.

The girl decides that, instead of letting Aang eat the last bite, she will give him a beer.

Aang takes the beer, and the two start a conversation about what they have to do together after that, when he starts to feel sick.

The two argue about who should take care of him and the weather, but when he is thirsty enough, he drinks a bottle of wine.

After the wine is gone, Aang starts to get very thirsty, so the girl offers him the beer to help him drink.

The woman is very kind, and Aang soon feels better, so they share a beer together, and soon Aang is drunk again.

They go back to their village, and when they go back into the beer gardens, Aangs mother, Yosie, notices that Aang’s eyes are watery.

He calls his mother to come and check him, and he takes Yosé to his village to fetch water.

Yosee finds the water too cold, so Aang comes to her and tries to warm her up.

However, he is still thirsty, and she tries to cool him down, but Aang does not want to drink anything.

Yoosie tells Aang to stop drinking, and Yosia tells him to rest.

A few hours later, the woman tells Aangs mom that her son is sick, and they have been seeing a doctor.

She tells Aung to come in and see him soon, so Yosief, Yishen, and her brother come in.

Aung tries to tell them that he can’t drink anything, but they tell him that they do not know what to do, and that they should keep Aang in the village so that he will not be sick.

Meanwhile, Yshen goes back to her family, and is disappointed that Yosy did not help Aang with his water problem.

They tell her that she should tell Yosies mother, so she can find a doctor for Aang.

However when Yosiy goes to her house, she finds Aang sitting in the front yard, and asks if he is sick.

Aangs eyes go wide, and a small stream of water begins flowing in from the garden.

Yshene, Yim, and their family begin to look around, and see that the water has come from a tree.

Yishene tells her son that he needs to go to the doctor, and tells Ang to come with her.

Ang refuses, and says that he is just thirsty.

Yim tells him that there is nothing wrong with him, so when he goes to the water fountain, he has no problem.

A moment later, Ang goes to his home and finds his mom and dad sitting around him.

A huge flood has swept through the village, so everyone is covered in mud.

A Yang tells his mom that he has just gone to the hospital to get treated for his fever, but his dad tells him not to worry.

He then leaves to help the other villagers.

When he is finished, he tells Yisene that he was thirsty too, and was going to go get water, but she tells him it was too cold.

She then tells Ai that she cannot go out to the garden with him.

They both feel bad for each other, and go to bed, but not before talking about the rain.