Bay Area Beer Pong About Apple beer has won the title of ‘Beer of the Year’

Apple beer has won the title of ‘Beer of the Year’

Apple beers have won the coveted title of Beer of the Week in Israel’s Beer Week competition, which has been running for three weeks.

On Sunday, Apple Beer’s “Beer of The Year” was declared by Beer Week’s judges, including the Jerusalem Post.

Beer Week judges praised Apple for its focus on the flavor of the beer rather than the beer itself.

The competition was launched in 2010 by Beer News International, a website run by Israeli magazine Beer.

It has also been run by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism and Industry since 2012.

Apple’s Beer of The Week is called “The Red Ale,” and is brewed with a blend of hops from Israel, Peru, Brazil and Mexico.

Its main ingredient is barley, which is the same grain used in beer and wine.

Apple is a major player in Israel, which relies on imports for nearly 70 percent of its beer.

But it is also a leader in the Israeli beer market.

In 2015, Apple sold 5.9 million bottles of its “Beer For The Home” line, including its popular “Red Ale.”

Apple’s beer also made headlines earlier this year when the Israeli Beer Hall of Fame said it was “shocked” to learn that the Apple CEO had taken an active role in promoting Israel’s craft beer industry.

“Israel has long been a leading beer exporter, with more than 3,000 breweries across the country and exports more than $3 billion in products annually,” Apple’s executive vice president of products and marketing, Michael Wertheimer, wrote in a statement.

“While we understand and appreciate the importance of Israel’s beer industry to the United States, we want to be clear that Apple’s Beer For The Homes was not meant to be a direct endorsement of the Israeli craft beer market.”

Apple has been criticized in the past for its beer-making practices, including a lawsuit filed in 2006 by an Israeli brewer and two other Jewish settlers.

In response, the Israeli government banned the use of artificial flavors and colors in its beer, including artificial flavors, sugar, and flavorings that are used in food.

Apple, which also sells wine, spirits, beer and cider in Israel and the West Bank, declined to comment on the “Beer Of The Year.”