Bay Area Beer Pong About Beer bar owner in Colorado is forced to close after police say he had an inappropriate relationship with customer

Beer bar owner in Colorado is forced to close after police say he had an inappropriate relationship with customer


— A Colorado man who owned a beer bar and also had a long-term relationship with a woman who worked as his manager has been charged with felony domestic battery.

David Sargent, 52, was arrested Friday after a police investigation, and is being held on $2 million bond.

He was fired by the bar’s owner.

The bar was closed and Sargen has been placed on unpaid administrative leave, said Lt.

Tom Wainwright of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

He will be placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement that it is investigating the charges.

A Boulder County grand jury last month indicted Sarget on felony charges of assault and battery.

He is being represented by attorney Robert S. Tipp, according to a Boulder County spokesman.

Tapp has said that Sargets relationship with the woman was consensual.

He declined to comment further.

The woman, who identified herself as Jane Doe, told the Denver Post that she worked for Sargents beer bar at a resort in Colorado Springs and had been working there for about 10 years.

She said she had just come back from a vacation in California when Sarges behavior started to get out of control, and she decided to complain to a manager, she said.

The manager asked her to leave and said Sargett was acting out, the woman said.

In one case, Sargeth was drinking alone in his own room, the paper reported.

Sargeth allegedly grabbed her buttocks and asked if she liked his pants.

She told him no, and that she would call police, the newspaper said.

He then grabbed her by the hair and shoved her against a wall.

He allegedly punched her several times, she told police.

She was able to get away from him and call the police.

When she got to police, she was asked if he had ever been with a man, she responded.

He told her no.

The woman said he threatened to call the sheriff’s department.

He said he had never had a woman assaulted and that he wanted to stop it, she wrote in her police report.

Tipp told the paper that Sarge had been fired by Beer King in October 2016, and the owner has since been fired.

The owner told the newspaper that Sarns behavior had nothing to do with his job.

Bartender, bartender charged with assault, battery in Colorado bar In another incident, Sarge allegedly tried to kiss a female bartender in the bathroom of a Colorado Springs bar, according a Boulder police report obtained by The Associated Press.

The bartender told police Sarge pushed her away and then tried to grab her buttocks, the report said.

Sarge said he grabbed her and her shirt and pushed her against the wall, the bartender told the police report, adding that he was in her bathroom.

She ran outside to call police.