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Beer island: NZ craft beer festival to have a new home

New Zealand’s craft beer industry is set to see a boost as it prepares to celebrate its 70th birthday next year.

The National Brewery of New Zealand (NBN) has announced it will host a New Year’s Eve celebration at its Auckland brewery on January 26.

The beer festival will be held on the island of Auckland, and will be the first event to be held there since the brewery opened in 1973.

Auckland-based beer enthusiast Peter O’Donnell said the brewery was “absolutely thrilled” to host the event.

“It’s an honour to be able to be part of it and I think it’s a really special event for everyone,” Mr O’Brien said.

“I think the beer festival is a great opportunity for people to meet up and talk about what’s happening and it’s an opportunity for them to be involved with the industry and a really good way to celebrate.”

A beer festival in New Zealand is not an uncommon thing for breweries in the country.

In 2014, beer festival organisers in Wellington, Wellington’s suburb of Toowoomba and Wellington’s neighbouring Auckland brewed up an entire beer festival, which was held in the suburb’s parks.

It has since been dubbed Wellington’s largest beer festival.

“You have to have the right amount of people in the park to make the event work and we think this will be a great event for that,” Mr Wahl said.

Beer festivals have become a popular way to raise money for charity, with the beer industry also donating money to charities.

“We’re also hoping it’ll be a good fundraiser for our city, so it’s something that we can bring to the city,” Mr Kappas said.

New Zealand’s brewers have also donated beer to charities including the Wellington City Council, the New Zealand Police Association and the Royal Auckland Hospital.

“They’re very generous and very nice people who really put a lot of time and effort into this,” Mr Pfeiffer said.

Mr Wahl was looking forward to the beer party, which he described as “the most exciting event we’ve had in years”.

“It’ll be an opportunity to meet new people and meet the brewers themselves and try their new beer and get a taste of what’s in the taproom and have a drink together and have some fun and hopefully get a few new friends,” he said.

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