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Canada’s Delirium Beer is Coming to the U.S. in May 2018

A Canadian beer is set to hit the shelves in the U, but not the beer drinkers in the states.

That’s because it won’t be available in the United States until May 2018, the Canadian Beer Institute (CBII) said on Tuesday.

The institute said that the beer is called Delirious Beer and will be brewed at a small brewery in Ottawa, Canada.

The beer will come in a 750 ml bottle, with the name “delirium” etched into the side.

That label will also say that the product is Canadian made and not manufactured in Canada.

CBI President and CEO Doug Clark said that they were hoping that the release would give craft beer lovers in the US the chance to try their own beer, even if they are not in Canada or have never had it before.

“It’s very important to us that Canadians can have access to a wide range of great beer,” Clark said.

“Our goal with Delirios is to give our fans access to the best beer in the world, regardless of where they live.” 

The beer will be available to the public starting in May and is slated to be on sale at select retail locations throughout the country.

According to the institute, there will be no beer shortage in the country, with “more than one million bottles of beer in Canada, the vast majority of which will be in Ontario and Quebec.” 

Delirium beers are popular because they are relatively cheap compared to most beer styles and are typically brewed with barley, hops and other ingredients that are commonly used in the brewing process.

They are often referred to as “craft” because they use traditional methods of brewing beer and are not made by large breweries.

The beers are also popular among craft beer drinkers because they have a lot of malt and sugar content and can be made at home. 

The institute also said that more than 200 beers have been produced for the U with about 40 of them currently in production. 

“Delirious beers are not available to Canadian customers,” the institute said in a press release.

“This means that consumers in the USA will not be able to enjoy the Delirius beer when it arrives in May, and consumers in Canada will have to buy it at their local liquor store or beer store.” 

According to the CBI, more than 90% of the beer produced in Canada is brewed in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.