Bay Area Beer Pong About Dog Beer Near Me, Dog Beer Flight at My Brewery

Dog Beer Near Me, Dog Beer Flight at My Brewery

Beer fans who love craft beer will likely enjoy their beer at local breweries in the next year, thanks to a bill passed by the state Senate that would let beer enthusiasts bring their own brews home for brewing.

The bill, HB 711, would allow beer drinkers to bring home up to six ounces of their favorite craft beer for brewing or storage in their homes.

The bill passed out of the Senate committee and will now head to the House of Representatives for a vote.

If passed, it would allow for up to two ounces of beer per person, with an additional 20 ounces per person per household.

This means a person could brew a batch of beer for two people and store it at home, then brew it for a family of three and store the beer at home.

The legislation would allow people to make up to 50 gallons of beer a year.

A home brewer would be allowed to make beer from up to 60 gallons.

The brewery would be required to keep records and inventory of the beer, and could not charge for the beer.

Craft beer has grown in popularity since the popularity of craft beer, but the bill would give craft beer enthusiasts the opportunity to bring their beer home for a personal brew, as well as a chance to enjoy a beer flight from their home brewery.

This is a great example of why craft beer lovers should go out and get your local brews, as the bill makes it easier for the people who love beer to enjoy it.