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How to brew your own craft beer fridge

Craft beer enthusiasts are eager to explore new brewing techniques to make their own beer, and it seems like the world is waiting.

Here’s how to brew a beer fridge.

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Article Continuity of Government is an award-winning investigative series.

In 2018, it ran a feature on Ontario’s premier, Kathleen Wynne, that highlighted her use of the Ontario Public Service Pension Plan to finance her own beer fridge and brewery.

We were surprised by the attention we received from the beer industry, she told us.

It was really quite surprising to see the public and the media react in that way, she said.

In a conversation with the Globe and Mail, Wynne said she wanted to use the funds to buy new beer tanks.

She told us she’s had some requests for the tanks she’s been buying from craft brewers in other provinces.

She said the idea for the new beer fridge came to her after she got a tip from a woman who had been looking for a fridge for years.

The woman said she and her partner were at a restaurant when they were approached by someone at the table asking for a beer refrigerator.

She didn’t have any money.

She had no idea it was going to cost $25,000 to make it.

She asked the man if he wanted a beer.

The man said, ‘No, I’m not going to pay you for that.’

They walked out.

She went to her kitchen and called her husband and they had to buy the fridge.

The next morning, the couple had to drive to a hardware store to get the parts for the fridge and said they could get it for free, Wynne recalled.

She got the money and then she called her business manager to tell him, ‘You know, we need a beer cooler for this.

I want a beer from you.’

So he called the brewery.

She said she called the business manager who told her that the brewery was already making the beer fridge for them.

They had the parts and they were ready to go.

“I said, I don’t need a truck, I need a person.

He said, No, we’ll make it,” Wynne said.

They’re going to be the first brewery in Ontario to do it.

So I’m very happy that they are doing it.

They’ve done a great job, she added.

They are doing the right thing and they have a good beer fridge that they’re going into business with.

“The brewery is called Blacksmiths Brewing Co. and Wynne said it’s a new craft brewery.

The owners are from London, Ont.

and their beers are made in-house.

They recently opened a brewpub called Craft Bar in Brampton, Ont., with a taproom and beer garden in the basement.