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How to buy beer taps from craft brewers

Beer taps, including beer taps for sale, can be found on a range of craft beer brands, from breweries that are independent and self-financed to major national chains.

But many brands have a limited range of taps available.

Here are some tips to help you find a good beer tap:1.

Pick up a bottle of your favourite craft beer to try and see if it is available2.

Check the tap handles for availability.

Check whether the barcode reads ‘Tap of Your Choice’ or ‘Tap for sale’3.

Use the app on your phone to check whether a barcode has been scanned4.

Use your mobile phone’s camera to make a note of whether the beer is on tap5.

Use a calculator app to check the ABV of your beer6.

Check that the barcodes on the bottles of beer are valid7.

Check your local pub or brewery for availability8.

Check if the bar code on the bottle of beer is valid9.

If the beer you are buying has been opened, check for any alcohol-related warnings10.

Check to see if the beer tap is currently in use11.

If it is, check if it’s available on tap or if you can purchase it at the pub12.

If you are a home brewer, you may want to consider adding a new beer bottle to your cellar13.

Try out different beers and try to find the one you like more14.

Check beer prices15.

Check prices for beer and wine16.

Check out other craft beer bars in your area17.

If a beer bar is not in your local area, you can check their location18.

Find the nearest craft beer shop19.

Look at the location of beer stores20.

Find out if there is a ‘beer’ and ‘craft beer’ section on the bar menu21.

Check on their location and whether there are alcohol-free areas on the premises22.

Check for the ‘beer and craft beer’ sections on the menu23.

Check how much beer is sold24.

If there is alcohol-wise, check to see how many bottles are available25.

Check price on the fridge26.

Check what beers are available at the bar27.

Check availability of tap handles28.

Check labels for beers29.

Check a beer’s label30.

Ask for recommendations for how to brew your next batch31.

Check pricing on the shelf32.

If beer isn’t available, ask if it will be on tap33.

Check in-store for a beer34.

If no beer is available, look at other options for your next brew35.

Check local pubs for a craft beer venue36.

Ask a customer if they would like to try a beer that they have not tried before37.

If they say yes, they can try the beer on tap38.

Check at the brewery for a brew that is currently being brewed39.

Check with a brewer if they have any upcoming beers that they would love to offer40.

If one of their beers is unavailable, ask them to look into it.

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