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How to keep your beer safe from alcohol leak

If you drink or bathe in your local taproom, you’re probably aware of the risk of beer leaking.

However, if you’ve been drinking in your home, your taproom is also at risk.

The main reason for the problem is that beer is typically poured into a small container at the bottom of the tap.

If that container leaks, the beer can easily fall onto the floor, where it can cause a serious problem.

Here are some things to watch out for: • When the beer is poured into the glass, keep your eyes on the top of the glass.

If you see any bubbles, you need to stop the beer from spilling on your lap.

• If you’re drinking a beer in the same room as a child, or a friend who is, look up to see what they’re doing.

• Look out for any signs of alcohol in the taproom.

You should always use a glass cleaner, if possible, to clean the glass and keep the bacteria out of the beer.

• When you’re cleaning the glass for the first time, be careful not to contaminate your tap, as that could be a serious health issue.

This could also be a sign that the tap room is unsafe.