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How to make a beer that is as refreshing as a yellow belly

The name of this beer comes from a popular Japanese sushi restaurant in Osaka, which is famous for its sushi and iced tea, but its most famous dish is called Aozora no Yasho.

The dish consists of a rice bowl filled with a yellowish brown substance called yasho, and the ingredients are placed inside a bamboo bowl.

The yashos are cooked with rice, soy sauce, sake, sugar, and ginger, and then served over rice.

This dish has a long history, and people in Japan refer to Aozora no Yasu as “the yashoe soup,” a pun that means “the soup of the yashoes.”

The Yellow Belly beer is one of the few Japanese beers with a name that doesn’t contain any English words.

The brewery has been making Yellow Belly beer since 1997, but it hasn’t been widely distributed to the public.

To celebrate Yellow Barley beer’s 40th anniversary, BrewDog is celebrating the beer with a beer festival that takes place on the island of Guam.

In addition to drinking this beer in the spirit of the yellow belly, people in Guam can eat the beer and eat its soup.