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How to order the most awesome beer in the world in the UK

If you love beer, then you’ll love this new beer shop in Cardiff.

The beer shop is a collaboration between the brewers of The Brewery Company, The Blackwood Brewery, and the brewery of the same name, which is located on the banks of the Thames.

You can’t go wrong with one of their beer, of course, but they also offer a selection of cheese.

There’s also a food menu to accompany it.

The space is fairly small, but it’s really fun to explore.

There are two entrances into the shop, and a big round-shaped room that looks like it could be part of a big restaurant.

The menu is designed in a way that you’ll feel like you’re in a restaurant, where you can order a meal and then take a seat at the bar.

The menu has everything from traditional German dishes like fried sausages, to a selection from the menu of the Blackwood Brewing Company.

There is also a wine list, and plenty of beer and cheese.

I ordered a cheeseburger and had a nice glass of Guinness.

The brewery itself has a pretty impressive beer list, with a few breweries like the Hübner Brewery and the Wettbau brewery, as well as some of the best American and German beers.

The Blackwood brewery has been around for over 30 years, and it has a strong tradition of working with local brewers.

The Blackwoods beer has been available in pubs and restaurants in the city since the 1990s.

They’ve also brewed their own beers, and recently released a new version of their flagship beer, Blackwood IPA.

It’s a beer that is very well-known around Cardiff.

The brew is made with local ingredients, and has a really clean taste.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the massive beer menu.

There were plenty of options, and everything was well-suited to a beer lover’s palate.

I started by ordering a cheesecake.

The cheesecake was a bit of a disappointment, as it tasted almost like it was made in a microwave.

I think I might have had a bit too much milk.

The beer menu also has some interesting selections for vegetarians.

The second item on the menu was a salad.

I chose a spinach and kale salad.

The spinach was a little bit sweet, and I wasn’t a fan of the kale.

I ended up cutting back on the sauce and adding some avocado.

The next thing I ordered was a plate of mac and cheese, which came with a bit more cheese than I expected.

It also had a good amount of cheese, but wasn’t particularly tasty.

The cheese was a tad bit chewy, but not overly so.

The mac and co is also very popular in the British food scene.

The cheese and salad were both very tasty, and there were lots of options.

The plate of pasta was delicious, and was a nice touch.

I’m not sure how to describe this plate of cheese and pasta.

It was really good, and tasted pretty much like the cheesy cheese and veggies you get at a local Chinese restaurant.

The sauce on the pasta was a perfect complement to the cheese and sauce.

I didn’t eat anything for the entire meal.

I had a glass of wine and a plate with a glass and a cup of tea.

The restaurant itself is really well-designed, and really well stocked.

There was plenty of space for people to sit and enjoy their meal.

The bar is very nice and comfortable.

The staff was very helpful, and provided excellent service.

I would definitely recommend the Blackwoods Brewery and Blackwood Cheese and Salad.