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How to save the world’s beer supply

The world’s biggest beer producer has revealed it has reduced its own supply of barley, hops and yeast by almost a third. 

In the latest effort to reduce the world supply of beer, a consortium of breweries and producers from around the world agreed to a new contract with the Australian beer giant Jai Alai, which is also the world largest barley supplier.

The consortium, called the Jai Ales Australia Partnership, said it will save more than $5bn in beer prices and has already agreed to buy barley from Jai alaik beer and yeast from its own breweries. 

“We have taken the first step in a much bigger effort to help our customers, our suppliers, and ourselves reduce the amount of beer we produce, by making a huge difference to the price of our products,” the Jauai Ailes Australia Partnership said in a statement.

“The Jai Australia Partnership is a group of leading Australian brewers and is committed to increasing the supply of quality and affordable beer to our customers and our global partners.”

We will use this opportunity to create the most innovative beer brands in the world.

“The Australian beer industry is estimated to make more than half a billion litres of beer a year and Jai says it will have more than 4.5 million tonnes of barley by the end of 2020.

It has a global network of 40,000 breweries and is working with around 80 breweries around the globe to produce beer that meets global standards.