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Kansas brewers announce plan to stop selling beer before liquor

The Kansas City, Kansas, breweries announced today that they are planning to stop producing beer before it is served at bars and restaurants, the Kansas City Star reported.

The move, announced at a beer summit held this week by the Beer Institute, comes after several other brewers, including Blue Point Brewing Company and Blue Moon Brewing, announced plans to stop serving alcohol before it can be sold.

The beer industry, in general, has been grappling with a shortage of beer to meet growing demand.

The Kansas Beer Institute has reported that more than 10 million gallons of beer were produced last year, a 25 percent decrease from 2015.

The industry has also been facing criticism from some lawmakers and consumers who are concerned about alcohol’s effect on young people.

Some states, including Texas, New York and Massachusetts, have passed laws to require bars and liquor stores to sell alcohol before beer can be consumed.

Beer is not allowed in liquor stores and is only sold in designated restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Beer and wine have been the industry’s bread and butter for decades, but they are being increasingly seen as a less desirable option.

Kansas, however, has seen an influx of craft breweries, thanks in part to the success of Blue Moon, which opened in 2008.

Kansas has the second-largest craft brewing industry in the country behind Colorado, according to a 2014 study by Brewers Association, with more than 300 craft breweries in the state.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has been a supporter of craft beer, and the state has recently enacted legislation that will make it legal for the public to sell beer at breweries.

Kansas is home to some of the largest breweries in North America, including the world’s largest, Stone Brewing Company.