Bay Area Beer Pong Contact Neon beer signs on the rise, but it’s the fat tire beer that is gaining popularity

Neon beer signs on the rise, but it’s the fat tire beer that is gaining popularity

Neon beer signage is popping up around the globe and in the U.S., but its popularity has only just started to reach a tipping point.

A study released Wednesday by the University of Southern California found that a growing number of American cities are seeing the popularity of neon signs on beer signs increase, but the trend is also spreading to other styles of beer.

“If you have a sign that says ‘Big Lager’ or ‘Lager Light’ and you have neon beer, then it’s a lot more of a target market than the other kind of beer,” said J.D. Brown, a professor of marketing at USC’s Wharton School of the University.

The study analyzed 3,857 neon beer-sign locations across the United States and compared them with their usual signage style.

The study showed that in cities where neon signs are prevalent, the overall trend is to increase beer advertising by about 4 percent.

But it was the popularity and popularity of fat tire beers that caught people’s attention, according to Brown.

“I think it’s interesting to note that in this case the trend line was actually upward,” Brown said.

“The trend line for the most part, there’s no trend line at all,” he said.

The rise of neon beer in America, he said, has a lot to do with the popularity, popularity and prominence of a new style of beer called Fat Tire, a type of German beer.

The term Fat Tire comes from the German word for “fat,” which is used to describe the beer’s thick, grainy taste.

The name refers to a distinctive and unique taste.

It’s a little more pronounced than the standard lager or stout.

“It’s definitely something people are really drawn to,” Brown added.

“As the number of places where you see it grows and as people are more comfortable with it, it’s really just a natural progression from there,” he explained.

“That’s where Neon signs are kind of going to come in.

Neon is a little bit more of an iconic and recognizable beer that people want to know more about.”

A small percentage of cities have adopted neon signs for Fat Tire as well, according the study.