Bay Area Beer Pong News New UK brewery launches ‘beer for life’ – BBC News

New UK brewery launches ‘beer for life’ – BBC News

Landshark Brewing Co. in the UK is launching a beer for life called the “Baked Bully”, which it describes as a “brilliantly flavorful, dry beer with a subtle malt sweetness and a lingering sweetness of oak”.

The brewery, which is based in the town of Dorset, said it had previously brewed beers using “bulk grain”.

The beer will be available in bottles for $16.99, which makes it a “premium” beer.

The beer is named after the original character from the original Landsharks cartoon series.

It is made with 100% whole grains, which were previously used to produce the beer.

“The whole grain malt has an earthy character to it, which lends itself to a nice dry finish,” co-founder and brewer Simon Dutson told BBC News.

“This is a great addition to the range of beers we’re launching at the moment, and we’re going to be rolling out more regularly over the coming months.”

The beer, which will be made with 60% of its ingredients, will be sold in limited quantities to celebrate the brewery’s anniversary.

The brewery is already a pioneer in the craft beer movement.

“We’re very excited about the beer,” co of founder and brewmaster Simon Duttons partner Matt Walker told the BBC.

“It’s a fantastic beer.

It’s an incredible, balanced beer with an underlying malt sweetness.”

“It has a slight bitterness, which we think is a good thing for the palate,” he added.

The new beer will have a price of $16 (£12.50) per 500ml bottle, which has a “good value” for the brewer.

The company also launched a beer called “The Bully” last year that is similar to the beer with the “bully” in its name, but has a malt character similar to a Belgian beer. 

The beer was first launched in 2014, but the brewery only brewed one beer in the first year, which was “the Bully”.

“We’ve been really pleased with the results so far,” co founder and brewer Matt Walker said.

“That was a very well received beer and a really well thought out beer, but it didn’t do too well at the box office.”