Bay Area store that sells beer pong tables?

Most people either make them by themselves or buy the fold up ones offline, but I was looking for a quicker alternative. Does anyone know of any stores that sell beer pong tables in the Bay Area? Price doesn't matter as much as them having them in stock. I would prefer one of the ones that folds into quarters and can be carried like a suit case, but I'm not picky.


It’s too bad for Roddick,

It’s too bad for Roddick, who just can’t seem to find a way to beat the dominant Federer 350-029 braindumps. Maybe Roddick would have better luck on the beer pong table NS0-163 braindumps. Although this picture is a little old (according to the source), it’s still nice to see Roddick enjoying himself. I’m sure it might have something to do with all the co-eds surrounding the table 642-383 braindumps. This also reminds me of how I dominated Diggles at beer pong on the 4th of July, no big deal.

Actually we have them for

Actually we have them for sale. Site's obviously still a work in progress so no online shop. But you can stop by Jack's Bar in San Jose and purchase one for $100. Right now we have the black tables. If you want a white one we can order it which takes about a week to come in. Or just call our number 408-984-7664 or shoot us an email or message on myspace.

Interested in buying a table

Do you still sell the black tables? Very interested in buying one if you do.


black bpong tables

have a few more left they raised the prices on them but we have them for $115 cash. you can pick one up at Jack's Bar in San Jose.

These are pretty sweet

We use these at our tournaments:

They're not made in the Bay Area but we've been using these every weekend for about 6 months now and they are still in great shape.

Tables 4 sale

I did look around but found nothing. After looking on line I went to Home Depot and found a 4'x 8' sheet of particle board that is coated with white melimine. The ping pong ball bounces very nice on the table surface and since it's white you can easily customise the surface.

I had the guy at Home Depot rip the sheet length-wise to make two nice 2'x 8' tables. They work great and everyone is enjoying them. Now I need to customise them.

Jimmy @ Dutchman's