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The 20 Best Bud Light Beer Festivals

USA Today has put together a list of the 20 best beer festivals in the nation.

The beer festivals vary in size, but all feature plenty of unique activities, entertainment, and food that will keep you entertained for hours.

Here are the 20 festivals that best fit the bill.

Top festival: The Great Beer Festival of the Rockies at the Great Divide in Colorado, April 7-11.

The Great Divide is a multi-day beer festival in the Colorado Rockies, which is a combination of three events: The Colorado State Fair, The Great American Beer Festival, and the Great American Whiskey Festival.

The festivals combine events into one day.

Attendees will enjoy craft beer, a food truck and a variety of live music from local artists.

Tickets are $60, which includes a festival t-shirt.

More info: Great Divide website:   Top beer festival: Blue Moon at The Woodlands in Texas, April 9-11 and Blue Moon Fest in Kansas City, May 16-17.

The Blue Moon is a two-day festival held in the Blue Mountains of Western New Mexico.

Each day, the festival hosts about 1,000 attendees and features craft beer tasting, live music, and a food trucks.

The festival is free to attend and features more than 70 vendors and food trucks, including the popular Blue Moon BBQ.

Blue Moon also offers an after-party for the entire festival.

Blue Sun beers will be available at the festival.

Tickets start at $35 and can be purchased online at or by calling the festival directly at (575) 648-4357.

More info: Blue Sun website: Top craft beer festival of the year: Great Lakes Beerfest in Wisconsin, April 13-14.

The Grand Rapids-based beer festival celebrates the best craft breweries in the Midwest and features beer from local and national brewers.

Attendee-selected beers and cider are on tap, and many breweries take part in a variety events.

The grand opening event at Great Lakes is the first of the new Great Lakes Brewers Festival.

This festival features more activities than ever before and features live music and other activities that have never been done before.

 More info, including a full list of participating breweries, can be found at www and the festival is currently running from April 13 to April 16.

Top festivals: Great American Craft Beer Festival at the Fairmount Amphitheatre in San Francisco, May 6-7.

This annual festival in California celebrates the craft beer industry and showcases the best in craft beer.

The four-day event features over 200 craft breweries, beer festivals, live entertainment, food trucks and more.

Admission to the festival costs $20 and is available online.

Beer festival events can be booked by calling 888-906-2222 or by visiting the festival’s website at www

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