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The Beer Glass of the Future: The Madison Beer Hair Glass

By JASON PONDELLBERG / ReutersA pair of Japanese beer glasses.

The Madisons beer hair glass was invented in Japan by a Japanese brewer, Shigehiro Matsui.

It is one of many new beer glasses on the market.

The glass is also the latest innovation to grace the US, which has seen the advent of new styles of glasses in recent years, including glasses with a plastic rim.

The glasses are now available at the American Homebrewers Association’s (AHA) annual meeting, which takes place May 16-18.

The Madisons glass was first patented in 1986 by Shigehar Matsui, who is now 88 years old.

It uses a special plastic-reinforced polymer material that is soft and flexible, and has an outer layer of a glass that is held in place by a plastic-like material.

It was made by the Tokyo-based Madison Brewery and sold under the Madison label.

It came to the US in 2003, and now the Madisons brand is in over a hundred American breweries, including Founders Brewing Company in California and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, in Colorado.

In the 1990s, Madison introduced its Madison style beer glasses that are made of a flexible glass made of polyethylene (PET).

The glass was popular because of its unique shape, with the rim of the glass attached to the top.

But in 2012, the Madents glass broke.

Madison stopped selling the glasses in the US.

The company has since sold the Madigan glass in Japan.

In Japan, Madisons style glasses are popular because they are more flexible than other styles of glass.

This makes them perfect for the drinking experience, since the glass doesn’t require a handle to hold it.

A Madison glass is designed to be used with one hand, and can hold about one ounce (about 30 milliliters) of beer.

It can be used for pouring and drinking.

It’s hard to tell the difference between a Madison and other glass designs because Madison glasses are a combination of glass, polycarbonate, and a polyurethane coating, but the glass is thinner than the polycarbonates used in other styles.

The thin glass allows for a higher efficiency in brewing, and Madison’s glasses are more forgiving than those made by other glass makers.

It also allows for easy cleaning of the glasses, since they are reusable.

The thick glass helps prevent glass shards from breaking.

The glass also has a slightly thicker rim, which makes the glass less likely to break.

Madisons glasses can hold a little more than a pint (1.5 liters) in the top, while others are larger.

Madigan glasses, on the other hand, are a bit larger and have a rim that is less thin, but also have a lower level of protection.

The lower level protects against cracking and the lower level also protects against spilling beer, so it’s not as important as other styles’ protective layers.

Madisons glasses are still a popular choice among craft brewers, with Madison being sold in some 60 craft breweries across the US alone.

But the Madigans glass broke a few years ago.

Madison’s glass broke in 2010, and the company sold the glass and all its associated glassware in 2012.

Madigans glasses are sold in cans and bottles, but Madisons products are available in plastic.