Bay Area Beer Pong Networks The weirdest beers ever made by the brewers at Madison Beer Company

The weirdest beers ever made by the brewers at Madison Beer Company

On Friday, Madison Beer Co. will launch a new beer: the “Nude IPA.”

A new beer, no less.

The brewery’s new beer will be named “Madison Beer Nude IPA” and it will be brewed using a proprietary blend of the two most popular beer styles, Pale Ale and India Pale Ale.

That means the beer will have a citrus and piney nose, with a sweet and earthy finish.

The beer will sell for $12 a bottle.

“This beer is something completely different, something that doesn’t exist in the world of craft beer,” co-founder and CEO Matt Oakes told Polygon.

“I love beer.

It’s the perfect thing to do with a brewery.

You can’t just create something out of thin air.”

The company will release the beer on draft and in bottles this spring.

“Naked IPA” is an homage to the original Madison Beer, which was born in 2012 when the brewery was a new operation.

The name is a reference to the famous Naked Statue that sits in the center of the brewery.

The original Madison Brewery was located in the Madison neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It was the first Wisconsin-based craft brewery to open its doors, opening in 1999.

The Madison Beer co-founders originally set out to build a brewery that was truly independent and focused on creating unique and delicious beers.

The first Madison Beer sold its first beer in 2012 and has since expanded into other markets.

In 2015, the brewery opened a new facility in Madison, Wisconsin and now produces about 30 different beers.

“We were very lucky to be able to work with these two amazing brewers,” Oakes said.

“It was a dream come true to open a brewery in Wisconsin and get to work together with them.”

Oakes and his co-creative partner Chris Schaffer met at the Wisconsin State Fair in 2009 and became friends.

“They’ve been my best friends ever since,” Oaks said.

They’ve brewed a lot of beers together.

“Their beer is unique and their recipes are so good, so they have a ton of experience brewing.

I’ve learned a lot from them,” he said.

Oakes, who has a Master’s degree in marketing from the University of Wisconsin, and Schaffer, a former beer consultant and business owner in Austin, Texas, have been working together to expand Madison Beer’s offerings.

“When we were working together on the Naked IPA, we were thinking of how we could use it to expand on that experience,” Oaken said.

The Naked IPA is named after the iconic Naked Statue of Liberty, the third largest statue in the United States, which sits on top of the Wisconsin state capitol building in Madison.

“The statue has been in the city for about 200 years,” Oake said.

That history has made Madison Beer a destination for many locals, including a popular pub named The Naughty Pig.

The pub has been serving up some of the most popular beers in the state for decades.

The owner, Jeff Peltier, said he had an idea to make beer that could compliment the new brewery’s beer, and he started the brewery with Oakes.

“Our idea was, ‘Let’s just go to town,'” Peltir said.

Peltiriks beer list includes Pilsner, India Pale, Imperial, Saison, IPA and more.

“Madison is a really beautiful city, with all these beautiful breweries and a really interesting craft beer scene,” Oats said.

It all started with an idea that the Naked Beer might complement the brewery’s other beers.

Ookes said he and Schafer got to know each other at a local bar in Madison and began brainstorming about how to bring the Naked beer to life.

“As we got to talking about the beer, we started thinking about how the Naked would compliment the beer,” Ookes explained.

The idea for the Naked came after the two realized that their beers were similar.

“Every time I go into the pub, I look at their beer list and I’m like, ‘I want to try this beer,'” Oakes recalled.

“Like most people, you look at a pale ale and think, ‘It’s a pale beer,'” Schaffer said. “

He said the brewery has a “good combination of hops with malt.” “

Like most people, you look at a pale ale and think, ‘It’s a pale beer,'” Schaffer said.

He said the brewery has a “good combination of hops with malt.”

“You’ll find a lot in the nose, but there’s also a little bit of citrus,” Oikes said.

In addition to the citrus and pineapple, the beer has a nice, floral and tropical flavor.

“A lot of people are like, it’s kind of like a tropical beer, but we’re really trying to make something that’s really different from anything else,” O’