Bay Area Beer Pong News What is Delirium Beer?

What is Delirium Beer?

A beer can be called Delirious if it is a beer that tastes like a combination of vomit, feces, urine and vomit. 

The beer is made from yeast fermented with alcohol. 

But a recent outbreak of cases in Michigan has prompted some brewers to try a more traditional approach to beer, adding alcohol to their beer to produce the more familiar “Delirium” taste. 

  The beer can now be sold to the public in bars, restaurants and grocery stores. 

  Some are even calling it “Delia.” 

Dr. Mark A. DeLuca, who has been studying Deliria for several years, said in an interview with The Associated Press that he’s been making Delia for years. 

He said he started by brewing a pale ale using an old yeast strain that he had in his refrigerator. 

“I had the yeast in the fridge, and I started making beer that had a similar aroma, but not so much,” he said. 

DeLuca said his method of fermentation resulted in a beer with a strong, “bitter, alcoholic flavor.” 

  His research has shown that most people don’t taste the difference between a beer brewed with yeast and that brewed with regular beer, he said, and the taste of the beer can vary depending on the type of yeast used. 

While the taste is not as strong as some beer brewed using yeast, DeLucas said, there’s still enough alcohol to make people sick. 

  He said he has had about 20 cases of the disease in Michigan so far. 

Some people have been diagnosed with the disease, which is caused by a bacterial strain that causes a type of gastroenteritis. 

People with the illness usually have no symptoms but can’t go home, including those with diabetes. 

  It’s important to note that the illness is not contagious, and DeLucos said people who are hospitalized should seek medical care and get tested if they think they may have Delia.