Bay Area Beer Pong Networks What to Know About Beer Battering Fish (with photos)

What to Know About Beer Battering Fish (with photos)

A new beer battered fish is now available to enjoy at local bars and restaurants.

It’s called “Beer Battering” and it’s made with a porter-style beer that’s then infused with crushed fish.

In fact, it’s a bit like what you’d get at a fancy sushi restaurant, only without the fish.

According to the website Food Network, this new fish is made using the beer batter and then served with a sauce made from shredded beef and chopped lettuce.

It was created by the San Francisco-based company, Bellyfish, which sells food and beverage equipment and is also a partner with the company’s founder, Scott Kipke.

Kipkes wife, Stephanie Kipken, said the dish was inspired by her husband’s family, who grew up on a farm.

“It’s really an homage to our family, our heritage, our culture, and my family,” Kipkes said.

“I love food, I love fish, I’m a big fan of beer.

Beer Batching” uses a pumper that is made of porter beer, then infused in crushed fish and served over ice.

The dish was developed in collaboration with chef Michael Bierut, who is also the founder of Kipks restaurant, Banger and a partner at Belly, according to the Food Network.

It will be available for a limited time at Kipak’s restaurant and Bar at Bar & Lounge, located in San Francisco’s Mission District.

It can be found at local restaurants including Belly Fish, and in specialty beer bars such as the Bay Area’s Dogfish Head.

Kips wife said that the dish is “very fun to make,” adding that it’s not for everyone.

“My wife and I love making it because we love the flavors and the way the fish is cooked.

It is very fun to be a part of the process and make it happen,” Kips said.

She added that it can be “a little tricky to make it, but I really like it.”

A recipe for “Beer Blasting” can be downloaded here.

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