Bay Area Beer Pong Contact When does German beer start to get its reputation?

When does German beer start to get its reputation?

German beer is considered a premium, but it’s still a very popular drink in Europe.

So how do you tell which beers are good, and which are not? 

The best German beer brands, according to our beer experts. 


Kölsch (Kölsche,  German beer) is an easy choice for those who love German beer.

The beer is usually made with a lot of hops and is very dry and refreshing. 


Weisse (Weissel, German beer) is another classic of the German beer scene.

Weiss is a German wheat beer that is rich in flavour and has a good malt profile. 


Hofbrau (Heidelberg, American-style )  is another great choice for anyone who enjoys strong and refreshing German beers.

The Weisse is also known as the Berliner Weisse, the Weisler Hefeweizen or the Berlin Köppen. 


Pilsner  (Pilsner, Pilsen, German beer with the pilsner malt) is one of the most famous beers in Germany.

The famous beer has a light, floral aroma, with a bit of biscuity character and is traditionally brewed with pilsener malt. 


Schlitz  has been making a splash in the world of beer for the last few years, with its distinctive amber colour, pilsen and wheat flavours and its high alcohol content. 

6. Heineken  also make a name for itself as a beer that can be made in many different ways.

They also brew their beer in some very special ways, so you can be sure that they will be making the best beer for you! 


Budweiser  originally came from the same brewery as Schlitz, but has since been taken over by Budweis.

The best Budweisers are made with some German wheat, pungent flavours and lots of hops. 


Hefewenbrand  comes from the Bavarian town of Heidelberg.

It is made with wheat malt, a high alcohol and mild flavour, but also with plenty of hops in it, which makes it one of Germany’s most popular beers. 9.

Lager  the most popular beer in Germany and one of its most popular styles.

It’s made with lots of wheat malt and a touch of citrus in it. 10.

Heimat  The style is called the ‘Bierkämpfer’ or the ‘Hemelbeier’, but it also comes from the small town of Neubrandenburg.

The hefeweizens beer is a rich, spicy and hoppy beer with a touch (or none) of sweetness. 


Dunkel  Another popular style, which is made from the fermented beer of a special strain of wheat, malt and hops.

This beer is made using special malts, hops and water that gives it a different flavour. 12.

Hefe  made with wheat, malts and barley.

This is the beer that has the most influence on the beer-drinking culture of Germany.

This style has a rich aroma and is often very bitter. 


Pomer Pils  A very popular style of German beer, made with beer yeast that is used in other beer styles. 


Porters  are made from porters malt, and are also known for their fruity, fruity flavours. 


Saisons are made from saison yeast. 


Dubbel  Dubbel is a Belgian style of beer.

It has a fruity and pungency aroma, and it is often aged in oak barrels. 


Pinta  This is a very well-known style of Belgian beer, which has a medium body and a high body.

It also comes in a number of flavours.

It can be bitter, fruish or fruity. 


Heisler  Heisler is made of wheat and malt and is a great choice if you like strong beers.

This has a very clean aroma, is very drinkable and is popular with the younger generations. 


Heifetz  Hefe is made by mixing wheat and barley, which gives it the flavour of an ale.

It comes in many flavours, from bitter to fruity to citrusy. 

20. Heiliges  Similar to Dubbel, this is made mainly of wheat with a few malt additions. 


Heffel  Made with wheat and a little malt, heffel is a delicious and refreshing beer. 


Lagers  Lagers are made up of wheat malts with a little bit of sugar, and