Bay Area Beer Pong About Which of these new beer styles can you drink next?

Which of these new beer styles can you drink next?

The new brews are just the latest in a line of new offerings that will be on tap at the popular Austin craft brewery barq on Thursday night.

Barq has long had a penchant for the more wild beer styles, such as IPA, pale ale, saison and stouts, as well as the classic American ales and porters.

Barquisms brewmaster Dan Williams said it was a little bit of a gamble for him, but he’s enjoying the chance to brew a new beer every time he brings in a new batch.

“I think we’ve been brewing for about two decades, so it’s kind of hard to imagine, but I do believe in the future, I’m pretty sure that we’re going to be able to make a new one,” Williams said.

The first batch of the beer, which will be available for sampling at Barq on July 1, is slated to be called the “Horseshoe,” and will be called “Horseback,” a nod to the popular movie starring Clint Eastwood.

It’s also the second time Barq will be releasing a new American beer this summer.

Last year, the brewery also released the “Mouthful of Hops” ale, which was released in September.

The barq will also be releasing new brew options for the festival, including a new IPA called “Basshead,” a new saison called “Warm and Fuzzy” and a new pale ale called “Gravity.”

The brewery said the beers will also feature the best-selling brew on tap, a brew made from a collaboration between the brewers.

“This year, we’re just going to have a different lineup of beers on tap that will focus on the festival,” Williams told The Associated Press in Austin.

The lineup will include beers that were brewed and brewed with new ingredients and technologies, including new yeast strains, which Barq said will be made with the help of a new brewhouse in the U.S. and an expanded yeast farm in Germany.

The brewery has also started making new yeast and other fermentation products for its beers, such a wheat-based sour ale called The Lazy Guy, which is also available at the festival.