Bay Area Beer Pong About Why do people keep drinking snake venom beer?

Why do people keep drinking snake venom beer?

By Tom McCarthyA lot of people are drinking snake poison beer.

The product, which is a mixed drink made from corn and watermelon, is being marketed as an antidote to the venomous snake bite that killed former president Bill Clinton.

Snake beer is now being sold by online retailers in countries around the world.

It’s not known how many people are taking it.

The online retailer is selling the drink in several countries, including the UK and France.

The drink is marketed as “snake poison beer” in a marketing brochure for the product.

The brochure includes a disclaimer that the drink contains cornstarch and “may contain ingredients that may be toxic to pets and humans.”

The drink is not meant to be eaten, but it is meant to “provide a relief from the venom of the snake.”

A spokesperson for said the product contains “natural ingredients.”

Amazon’s website also advises customers to “avoid direct contact with snakes, as this can cause them to become more venomous.”

The drinks have been featured in several high-profile news stories.

The Daily Mail reported in August that one person died after drinking a product containing cornstarchy syrup and was later found to have been drinking snake juice.

In October, a 17-year-old girl in China died after consuming the product, the Telegraph reported.

In a blog post, a spokeswoman for Amazon said the company was aware of reports of people consuming “snakes and snake venom” products, but the company had not been contacted by authorities about any potential safety concerns.

In September, a woman in France was hospitalized after drinking the product after eating snake venom.