Bay Area Beer Pong News Why Raleigh has the best beer delivery service in the world

Why Raleigh has the best beer delivery service in the world

A beer delivery is one of the perks of living in Raleigh, and one of those perks is the ability to sample local beers for free.

That’s why we’re offering free samples of Raleigh beers to our readers every Thursday.

To celebrate the coming beer holiday, we’re also launching a beer delivery event in the city’s CBD, which has some pretty special guests in the mix.

We’ve partnered with local brewery Brew Dog and local cider company Blue Moon to host a beer tasting on Thursday, August 17 at the Blue Moon Brewery.

Beer lovers who have never been to Raleigh can enjoy this free sampling event.

The event will take place at the North Carolina Beer Museum (10 E Carolina Ave, Raleigh NC 27615).

The Blue Moon tasting will take two to three hours to complete, but the first batch will be available at 8 p.m. on Thursday.

Beer lovers who are interested in sampling some of the beer can purchase the Blue Moons Beer Dinner Package, which includes a $20 tasting ticket and unlimited beer samples.

You can also find the Blue Sun Beer Dinner package online at

For those who want to try some of our beer, Blue Moon’s brewmaster, James P. Smith, will be offering a free tasting of his beer at the brewery.

Smith said he has enjoyed sampling local craft beers over the past two decades and this is his first time ever having his own beer on the menu.

He’s also looking forward to sampling some other Blue Moon beers, including an IPA and a pale ale.